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Gaudix: This town is located in the northwest of the province of Granada and is especially known for its cave dwellings. Near Gaudix is ​​another attraction, namely the impressive castle of Calohorra, situated on lonely height in the beautiful setting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.

Alhambra: The Alhambra in the Spanish city of Granada is one of the main attractions of the world. Every year tourists from countries all over the world come to Granada to visit this fascinating miniature city from the Middle Ages. Inside the fortress walls of the Alhambra, the visitor will see the beautiful view of the Arab palaces, the fragrant gardens of the Generalife, the impressive Renaissance Christian churches and medieval towers which bring you back in the 14th century.

Gabo de Gata: The rugged mountains and rocky landscape of this area is isolated and is geologically one of Europe's most special places. The Sierra de Gata is the largest volcanic rock formation of Spain, with sharp peaks and ocher cliffs (shell sand formations). From the coast the rocks are rising steeply out of the sea. They create up to 100 m high, angular and jagged cliffs, which are cleft by ravines and gullies leading to secluded coves with white sand beaches. Near the coast there are also many small, rocky islands and large-scale underwater reefs with a rich marine life. It is a protected National Park, the largest protected coastal area of ​​Andalusia.

Sierra Nevada: The Sierra Nevada National Park, with its diverse landscapes has all the features of the climate of the mountains. Due to climate variability and altitude you will find a huge variety of vegetation. You will find more than 2,100 plant species from the 8000 cataloged species in Spain.
The area has a rich fauna life as well. There are more than sixty bird species such as the vulture and eagle. The Spanish mountain goat (cabra montes), foxes, wild boars, weasels and badgers are living in the mountains.
The Sierra Nevada is a large skiing area. There are 85 km of slopes and you can ski to the Pico Veleta which is 3396 m high. You can ski combined with a holiday in the sun. The sunny shores of the Costa del Sol are located near the Sierra Nevada.

Tabernas Desert: The desert is a protected area of ​​280 km2. The dry climate of the desert is caused by the mountains around this desert. The sun shines approximately 3,000 hours per year, which is unprecedented in Europe, as there are few places in Europe where the sun shines more often.

Fuente de Piedra: Fuente de Piedra nature reserve covers 1,300 hectares. It is the area for several bird species, but the undisputed king of them all is the pink flamingo. You can find them on the island Senrra, in the middle of the lagoon. The flamingos come from all over the Mediterranean and the North African coast here to breed. Fuente de Piedra is located in the north of the province of Málaga, but strategically it is exactly in the center of Andalusia.

El Corte Ingles: This is the largest Spanish shopping mall and has locations throughout Spain. The closest nearest mall can be found in El Ejido, Paseo de Pedro Ponce.
Hours: Monday / Saturday 10.00 - 22.00
• Roquetas de Mar: Centro Commercial Gran Plaza, Carretera de Allicun s / n
Opening hours: Monday / Saturday 10.00 - 22.00.
• Vicar: Every Sunday morning there is a market in Vicar.
• Almeria: covered center "Mediterraneo" with more than 125 stores.
Opening Hours: Monday / Saturday 10.00 - 22.00

Almerimar, Roquetas de Mar, Cabo de Gata

Kite-surfing, Hiking, Sailing, Playing golf, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Jeu de Boules, Skiing, Basketball


Mini Hollywood & Zoo (Tabernas): This is one of Almeria's most famous western villages. Many movies have been recorded here, i.e. Once Upon a Time in the West, Lawrence from Arabia and the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. You will be the witness of a bank robbery. Please enjoy the unique western shows with tough cowboys. After the shows you can visit the well known Reserva Zoologica with more than 200 animal species.

Mario Waterpark (Roquetas de Mar): The resort of Roquetas de Mar boasts a conveniently located water park complete with thrilling water slides, swimming pools and a host of child-friendly entertainment, ensuring youngsters a day to remember and much needed respite for parents. Kids will enjoy a full program of pool activities which are fully supervised, amusements and a spacious play area together with ample restaurants and cafes. Always popular with families, a day at a water park provides great fun and excitement.
Opening hours: Summertime 11.00 – 19.00

Aquarium (Roquetas de Mar): Submerge yourself in an exciting world where you will learn about the water cycle in an entertaining way. Make a trip through different ecosystems to discover their sub-aquatic life and interesting biodiversity.Well worth a visit. If you are brave enough you can actually touch some of the creatures.

Opening hours:
Winter timetable
Mon - Fri 10.00 - 18.00
Sat - Sun 10.00 - 17.00
Summer timetable
Mon - Fri 11 - 13.30 16.30 - 20.30
Sat - Sun 11 - 13.30 16.30 - 21.30

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